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1.Tall people have a greater risk of cancer because they are bigger and have more cells in their bodies in which dangerous mutations can occur. 2. Umngot river India's cleanest river. 3.Psychology says, the person who loves "black color" have the most colorful mind.
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World's oldest cream....

World's oldest cosmetic face cream found in London, 2000-year-old cream from Roman times with ancient finger marks in this lid.

Asia's No.1 YouTuber......

Carry minati becomes asia's no.1 individual YouTuber beating Atta    Halilintar... In last 4 months, this guy has broken many records of youtube.                        Congratulations Carry minati...


Socrates, the great Greek philosopher, tried hard to control himself and was resolved never to make a show of his temper. He believed that an angry man was more of a beast than a human being. he had a wife who used to lose her temper on the slightest excuse and tried her utmost to irritate the cool and calm philosopher. One day the woman became more furious than ever and began to insult Socrates. Socrates, determined not to be put out and to leave her alone, went and sat on the doorstep of his house, looking out on the public street. The wife, finding that Socrates was not paying the least heed to her loud and angry scolding, went up to him and emptied a basin full of water over him. the passers-by in the street were much amused at the incident, and Socrates joined with them in their laughter and quietly remarked, 'I was expecting this; after thunder comes rain.'  "GREAT MAN NEVER LOSE THEIR TEMPER"

Amazing facts...

1. This is where the Amazon river in Brazil meets the black river. the different colors is due to the different soils. 2. Every single year, cruise ships dump 14 billion pounds of garbage into the oceans.
3. Norway is the world's first nation to ban deforestation. 


Hello Everyone,Welcome to my blog..So, toh kaise hai aap log, hope you all are well and fine, So, guy's this is my first story..who I telling you..because this is real and true story so, please read carefully and not going on words try to understand his feeling, pain and struggle.
 Today I am going to share A life story of a boy with you, we have also many problems in our life, this boy have also many problems in his life. so, read his story and try to know how he face it. and he comes from the village to study in Delhi. He is a innocent and quite type boy. so, guy's without wasting any time come to the story and know about that boy.
So, let's Begin the Story.....                                                  part-1 When he was 6 years old, He came to Delhi from the village in 2008 .. he was a very innocent and loyal, everything is new for him, so he not know how to deal with others people. because he feel uncomfortable with new people.after one year later he take admissi…


When someone has a gun in their home, it is 22 times more likely for that the weapon to be used in a suicide or accidental shooting, rather than defense from invaders.